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Project Description
This library helps translating mathematical formulas/concepts with very little code! It also assists with efficiently executing multiple mathematical functions simultaniously. Avoid writing trivial code by using classes for basic operations, calculus, statistics and more...

So what is exMath in a nuttshell?

exMath offers a structured way to translate mathematical formulas and functions in compact and more readable C# code. In future releases it will also offer an execution engine for your mathematical functions, so multiple results can be computed simultaniously.

Aside from the core mechanics, exMath also offers basis mathematical functions and concepts to get you going. This means that you don't have to implement trivial operations like sums and statistical concepts. As exMath evolves it will contain more and more of these standard 'template' operations, to allow more focus on your mathematical problem instead of all the execution mechanics around it and all kinds of trivial operations.

Manual v0.1b uploaded!

Version 0.1b of the manual has been added to the releases page. Although its far from finished, it does explain some basic concepts of the library (like why this library useful anyway?).


Release 0.0.2A is coming!

- Support for basic calculus concepts.
- More functionality for applying statistics.
- More tools to easily translate mathematical concepts/formulas to short readable code.
- It's unit-tested!

If you're interested in the latest features, you might want to check out the source code tab for the latest source code check-ins

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